detatched notions
We’re all trying to forget someone.

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Really hoping we can pull this off tomorrow night. Yay for teenage shenanigans.



when your friends joke about something you’re really sensitive about


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Yay for talking about things that make me think of the past and miss some of it. And wishing you could change the outcome of a lot of things.

This girl has been my best friend since we started out as freshmen. From dating bestfriends to being there for each other through the heart breaks, we’ve been through everything together for 4 years. And now we received our caps and gowns together. I don’t know where the rest of our life will take us, but I know that we will always be best friends. #graduation #seniorweek #thebae

Way to make senior breakfast memorable.


Purple on my eyes

cr to someone who made this perfect edit! well done🙌😍